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Essential Camtasia App

Today, I thought my task was simple: Record a short video on my iPhone, upload it to Dropbox and email the link. The upload didn’t work. Neither did the upload to Evernote. Next best... Import into iPhoto. MOV file not recognized. What? I opened Camtasia.... Of course I couldn’t see my iPhone when I clicked on “Import.” But then... like magic... a note on the screen telling me to download “Fuse” from the App Store if I wanted to import video from my phone to Camtasia. There was also a giant QR Code. I am VERY skeptical. I don’t like to be told to download Apps. I was more suspicious when I saw the App was only rated 3.1. But I read the reviews. The bad reviews were irrelevant and the good reviews seemed genuine, describing the App exactly as I needed it to work. So I did it. I downloaded Fuse. When I opened it, I was asked to allow all sorts of permissions. They all made sense given I was sharing data between my phone and my computer. I only said “No” to “Notifications”... That did not prevent the App from working. Next... That giant QR Code? The App prompted me to hold my phone screen up to the QR Code on my computer. In an instant, the two devices were connected for Camtasia. The best method I have ever seen. From there I simply selected the video clip I wanted to “Share” with Camtasia and, in less than a minute, there it was... on my laptop. I could just save it as an mp4 and upload it to Dropbox or, since I’m in Camtasia anyway... I can maybe make a few adjustments... Some background: For years Camtasia for Mac has been my “go to” program every time I need video. A one-second clip for Twitter... or a 20-minute interactive lesson with multiple cuts, system sound, added music, voiceover and annotations... Camtasia is easy, yet, it has enough complexity to challenge users to continually push their creativity. I highly recommend it.

Good job teksmith

App help lots

No longer supported

After many calls to support, all I get is that the app doesn’t connect to Snagit anymore, and they have no idea why, and no solution “sorry, Fuse is a weird program with issues that we can’t diagnose or fix”. Gee, thanks.

Wish this app can record the screen

I have Camtasia on my computer and wanted to use this app to record screencast videos from my iPad. Wish this feature is available as the infrastructure is set up in Fuse.

Too difficult to connect Fuse to Camtasia or Snagit

Keep getting connection errors, even after following instructions to make sure everything's on the same network. Techsmith online help isn't helpful. The app used to work, but not anymore. Big gap between techsmit marketing and app implementation.

Great app

I was able to install this in a couple minutes and have it sync up to my surface Pro and share images and videos that I recorded on my iPhone and all I used was the Fuse app. Transfer was pretty fast.


This app is awesome and super helpful. I work in I/T. I can quickly take a picture of a problem and send it to my laptop. I annotate it and resize the image. Then send it to who needs to see it. Beats describing something over the phone. Used Snag it! for years. A must have for me!!


Don't get this app because you can't record your screen.Cant edit your pictures from your library.


I cant open library files also after last update

Takes tooooo much time!

It takes too long for videos to upload. The majority of the time an error message pops up. I have to keep reconnecting my device to camtasia. I get frustrated at the thought of using it.

Need rethinking

Such a complicated flow. Why the need to import? Why not make things easier? Such great potential. Such disappointment!

Doesn't work anymore

This used to work great. Now on my iPhone 6 9.3.2 I can upload to snagit on my Macbook Pro if I take it within snagit. But if I try to upload from my camera roll it just freezes :( very frustrating as otherwise your tools are great

Quick & Easy

I love that it is a simple QR code to link this to SnagIt and Camtasia! It will be very helpful in the future. Thank you :)

Won't connect to server!

When trying to add mobile device by scanning QR code, can't connect to server message on every attempt.

Doesn't sync with snag it

Cannot connect to server. Waste of time.

Please make it work better

I love my TechSmith products and I find them indispensable for work. It gives me the edge within my team. I would love the integrate Fuse into my workflow, but the app is slow and buggy. Please fix Fuse. Otherwise, you guys have great software!

Handy for pointing things out

Sometimes I just need to point out some area of a picture or screenshot. Quick and simple!

It works, but that's it.

This app performs the function I need (sending pictures from my phone to SnagIt program on my PC) but it takes too many steps to complete this simple task for me to give it more than 3 stars. I have to open the app, click albums, click camera roll, click the picture, click share, and then click SnagIt. Now those 6 steps may not seem like a lot, but for something that is supposed to increase workflow I need a better shortcut that I can set on the app than that. Especially since the process is not complex.

Transfer of images

Love my fuse until the last update and now having trouble uploading images, I have to use the old fashion way, iPhone 6+ need help

Not terribly useful

I don't see the point of this. So you get an app to record videos or take pictures – can't the iPhone iPad do that already? Why do we need a new app to do that? What would be really useful if they have something like the functionality of Camtasia itself, where we could draw on a screen or a picture and have the voice over captured. Because doing that with a tablet is MUCH easier than on a laptop. It's too bad they did not think of that.… As it is, I doubt I will ever use this.

TechSmith Fuse

I don't understand why they would go to all the trouble to create an App and then not provide any documentation on how to use it. Look everywhere on their website and found nothing. The only videos are short marketing videos. Useless.


It's good

Its good but

Share it to YouTube and import to camera roll and fix the crashes

One of the most valuable productivity tools on phone!

I have Snagit on my computer. Snagit is the most powerful screen capture tool that saves me hours in providing instruction or just clarifying with picture or illustration. Fuse took about 2 minutes to install and send an image from my phone to my laptop on the same wifi! It is very intuitive, fast, and easy to use! I now use this nearly everyday, from marking photo's to taking screenshots of whiteboards or signs and instantly share them from my phone to my pc. I am going to buy Camtasia now, because TechSmith has won my trust in great software! If you have a TechSmith product, Fuze is the perfect companion app!

Good, but could be better.

It is wonderful to see the people at Camtasia still managing to come out with different content for their products then any of their competitors. The app is great for those who bought their service already (I personally own Camtasia Pro) and will take out the annoying phase of having to sync up the phone with iTunes and its annoying "We now want to up 900 things in your phone" thingy. At the end of the day, its only useful if you have a Camtasia Product. Camtasia, add more power to editing on the app if are looking to keep your competitors at bay. The mobile device is commonly overlooked as far as that stuff goes. TL;DR : App is great for Camtasia owners. Otherwise, this is pretty much worthless. Could use more features, but is stable and ready to be used.

About this app

This app was the best app ever don't get me wrong but your update you did messed up the app every time I go to record with it the app takes a still picture and just says 00.00.00 and doesn't record just sits there like please fix this or give me a link to an old version.

Another great product from Techsmith

As a long time fan of Snagit, I gave Camtasia a try, and never looked back. I have made over 20 training videos for over 100 employees with ease. Still, I found getting media from my phone to either of those programs took a little doing and more time than I would prefer. This is no longer an issue with the introduction of Fuse. Nice work!!

I'm impressed

I use Snagit on my desktop and Mac computer all the time. This little app makes it incredibly easy to share pictures from your phone to your snag it on your desktop or Mac. I'm impressed with both the set up and ease-of-use it is pretty nifty. I have no affiliation with tech smith

Great app

I use this all the time for transporting videos from my phone to use in camtasia studio. It's really cool to be able to instantly send a video or photo to camtasia. Totally recommend this.


If you use Camtasia , this is a must have!!

Awesome application

Works perfect for what it does. Super convenient to just have a picture or video sent straight to Camtasia easily. It would be sweet if it allowed screen recording on the iPhone or a screen shot function since that's usually what I import to Camtasia. Also, something else to note is it is super optimized for the iPhone 5 which is a big plus.

Excellent way to send mobile screen shots to snag it

Very slick snagit integration. Now just give me a way to bulk save the images from snagit for Mac


Really good.

So Far, So Good!

Very excited to utilize this app to its fullest potential. Just set it up on my iPhone and connected it to my MacBook, and everything's working great so far.

Crashes before it opens!

I would like to see the app open so I can rate it again!

Worked for me (SnagIt)

Haven't tested in Camtasia or Relay, but worked clean for me in SnagIt. Faster than I expected on the transfer. I'll play with the Camtasia video transfer later.

If only it worked

Can't get it to launch on iPad. Launches fine in iPhone but can't get it to read the badge and make a connection. Good feature if they can get it to work.

Works great with Snagit

Easy and fast to sync. Quickly select and send pics to Snagit for editing. Nice!

Does Not Work

Was a bit skeptical at first...but now since it will not even open once I downloaded...even more skeptical.

Crashes upon opening

I love Snagit, so I was excited to get this app. It flashed upon opening and instantly crashed.

Works for me. Quick sync too.

Downloaded version 1.3.0 of the app. Installed it and it worked right away. Very easy to send images from my iPhone 5S to my SnagIt desktop editor. I was surprised at how fast the transfer was too.

Won't even open before crashing

Too bad.


Hey guys that's a great app, but can you add a screen recorder please.


This app is superb, Camtasia Team! Wow. This is really sweet! 😍

Love it

This app cannot get any easier.

Fuse Ignite my Class Videos

I have been looking for a simple video workflow. Now I can shoot video in my ipad and transfer it instantly to my Dell laptop running the PC camtasia. I used to shoot my video with a video camera and then eventually import into camtasia. Now I can send it to Camtasia right away. I am making more videos than ever. I love that as long as you are on the same network you can send from multiple devices. I was sending pictures from 2 ipads and my phone for a recent video.

This app could be better...

This app is not unique at this point. It basically makes it simpler to get a photo or video from your mobile device into Camtasia. If it actually let you broadcast your mobile device display and capturing video, then it would be a lot more useful.

Great app

It is a great addition to Camtasia and really easy to use.


Works flawlessly. Makes transferring pictures and videos to snag-it very easy.

What about screen recordings?

I don't need another app for photos and videos. Where is the iPhone or iPad screen recording app? I would expect Techsmith to develop this as the leaders in computer screen recording software.

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